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Shape your ideas and turn them into business

On Tuesday 22 November at 6pm we will connect via Instagram Live with Francesco Simeone, CEO AND co-founder of the innovative business Toratora Travel, to talk about startups and innovation.

Conducting the interview will be Francesca Gollo, coordinator of the new Academic Master in Design Management.


Startup from Zero
Strategies to shape your ideas and turn them into business

A business idea may arise from an intuition or from the identification of a problem.
But from the initial, appealing but unstructured idea, how does one arrive at the definition of a business model?
What is a possible approach, who are the stakeholders and what are the key steps?
We will talk about everything in the next Instagram Live with Francesco Simeone, CEO of Tora Tora Travel, an innovation business dedicated to travel.
The discussion with Francesco is intended to provide an understanding of what tools a start-up project needs, tools that are provided and explored within the new
academic Master’s programme in Design Management coordinated by Francesca Gollo.

Francesco Simeone

Francesco is the CEO and co-founder of Totoratora Travel, a travel-tech startup that organizes surprise trips in Europe.
Francesco has a Master’s Degree in Business Management from Luiss University in Rome. He started his entrepreneurial career in Los Angeles, where he joined the M Accelerator program. It was during this time that the idea of Toratora started to gain shape, inspired by the Californian startup ecosystem.
He returned to Italy and met the other two founders of what became today a growing company operating in three different markets. Francesco is a great supporter of the remote-first environment: he has been working from other locations such as Portugal or the Canary Islands and returning to his hometown in the south of Italy.
Toratora is an online platform that organizes surprise and bespoke trips throughout Europe, and in particular in three target markets: Italy, Portugal and Germany.

Log on to the RUFA Instagram channel on Tuesday 22 November at 6pm, and follow the live stream! You will be able to interact with our host and chime in with questions and trivia.

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