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Instagram Live with Paolo Ferrari

On Tuesday, December 6, at 1 p.m., directly from the classroom of Sustainable Fashion Design, RUFA students will connect via live streaming with Paolo Ferrari: Lombard entrepreneur, designer and founder of the brand 959 NINEFIVENINE. During the Instagram live broadcast – open to the public and conducted by Fashion lecturer Guenda Cermel – we will address the issue of sustainability in today’s fashion industry.

A Lombard entrepreneur originally from the Brianza district, Paolo Ferrari graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with a degree in industrial design and, after years of apprenticeship at various studios as an interior designer, decided to start a new professional adventure through the creation and launch of his first brand 959 NINEFIVENINE.
The starting point for the 959 brand is the need for a sustainable approach to product design, understood as a legacy of objects and skills for the future. 1959, to which the name of the new brand directly refers, is the year when the automaker Volvo first introduced the seat belt to the automotive market.

NINEFIVENINE’s new 959 eco-design line reuses discarded vehicle seat belts combined with innovative, fully sustainable fabrics

A versatile idea that, through the brand name, fully expresses the values underlying the entire project: respect and sensitivity towards people that cannot be separated from those towards the environment.
Each design piece of the 959 NINEFIVENINE collection is entirely made in Italy: after an initial washing and sanitization process, the seat belts from discarded car wrecks are divided according to the different patterns and hand-cut, assembled and sewn inside expert craft workshops.

Deepening eco-styling research has led to the introduction for the latest collection, in addition to seatbelts, of new eco-sustainable materials to expand the horizon of possible variations in a potential endless circle of reuse.


Join the conversation! Follow the Live on the RUFA Instagram channel on Tuesday, December 6 at 1:00 pm, you can ask questions and interact with our host!