Visual and Innovation Design

RUFA in partnership with Fabio Mazzeo Architects

Special project between RUFA and Fabio Mazzeo Architects kicks off: the three RUFA students who won scholarships offered by FMA will develop a visual identity and website for a new cultural initiative of our partner in the coming months.

Fabio Mazzeo Architects offered 3 scholarships to students of the two-year Visual and Innovation Design course Rossana Zaccagnino, Federico Luciani and Anna Valentina Scrugli, and assigned them the task of developing a visual identity and website for a new cultural project of openness to current and future partners, to promote new artists and enterprising realities made in Italy. A space open to anyone interested in getting to know and interact in an active and developing relational environment, to weave relationships and connections through talks, exhibitions and specific events.
In order to receive fresh and innovative proposals, the FMA studio is turning for the first time to young graphic designers, who must prove themselves in order to outline the specific identity of the initiative, while conveying the values of the studio.
The project-which will conclude in March with the first FMA event-will be developed under the supervision of faculty members Emanuele Cappelli and Nicola di Cosmo.

Fabio Mazzeo Architects

Italian company operating, on an international scale, in the field of custom architecture and interior design. FMA’s vision focuses on creating “one of a kind” projects by creating unique solutions both aesthetically and functionally.
FMA offers a full range of specialized services: architecture, interior design, landscapedesign, product design, yatch design and artistic decoration.
The pleasure for beauty, a precise idea of the main characteristics of the Italian lifestyle, together with attention to detail, make Fabio Mazzeo Architects a company capable of dealing with the most demanding requirements of its clients, constantly promoting a sartorial approach that transforms projects into timeless works.
FMA is also committed to the promotion and enhancement of the heritage of Italian know-how,through relations and exchanges with artisans, companies, organizations and institutions that stand out for their attention to Research and Development and the preservation of the heritage of Knowledge and Techniques.