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“Come una vera coppia” vince la menzione speciale al Rome Independent Film Festival

“Come una vera coppia” – the documentary made by director and RUFA lecturer Christian Angeli – wins a special mention at the RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival , per “the delicacy with which the director stages intimacy and misunderstandings, enthusiasm for a possible future and thoughtful disillusionment, lightness and a sense of responsibility of six young couples. For its ability to deal with ‘diversity’ with great gentleness and respect and a theme that unites us all: being able to live one’s own existence and one’s own affections by severing that umbilical cord that is sometimes too cumbersome, that with the family.”
The crew and production include several excellences made in RUFA: the editor and co-author Elisa Curatola, who collected the award, producers Simone Spampinato and Lorenzo Squarcia from JumpingFlea, sound engineer Lorenzo Arnaldi and second operator Roberto Frascella.



The first couple’s holiday of some young adults with Down syndrome. The couples test the possibility of cohabitation, between intimacy and misunderstandings, enthusiasm for a possible future and thoughtful disillusionment, light-heartedness and a sense of responsibility. In the background there is always an umbilical cord to sever, the one with the family, which means putting one’s autonomy definitively at stake. Perhaps it is also the parents who have to accept a detachment that sooner or later will be inevitable.

Director’s note

The suspended time of the protagonists’ holiday overlaps at times with that of other eras, reworking the doubt that the dynamics of a couple repeat themselves cyclically, without stopping. What is needed to break this rituality is a shot in the arm, someone who steps out of the chorus and consciously begins to plan for the future. The story gives voice to this concrete onslaught of imagination.


Giulio Cagnazzo
Letizia Cananiello
Vittorio D’Angelo
Carlo Fiumara
Pierpaolo La Banca
Maria Teresa Mariniello
Moira Oliverio
Arianna Porru
Lorenzo Puliga
Emanuele Raffaelli
Chiara Vingione
Stefania Votta

Christian Angeli
Monica Berarducci
Francesco Cadelano
Anna Contardi
Elisa Curatola
Simone Spampinato

Director of Photography
Massimiliano Maggi

Elisa Curatola
Music Leumann
Sound design
Lorenzo Arnaldi
Andrea Castiglioni
Producer Simone Spampinato
Production Jumping Flea
Ass. Italiana Persone Down
Distribution Esen Studios
Directed by Christian Angeli

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