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Presentation of “Printmaking Tales” in Rome

“Printmaking Tales” is the new FABRIANO project entirely dedicated to art printing published by Opificio della Rosa, edited by Umberto Giovannini.

The volume will be presented in Rome, Friday 26 May 2023 at 5.30 p.m., at the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica, via Poli 54, Sala Dante.
Admission free subject to availability.

A volume designed to retrace the history of a ancient and fascinating technique that has accompanied generations of artists. A large map through which to narrate the phases and evolution of printmaking to learn about the techniques and styles that have followed one another over the centuries, the profound artistic changes and the different declinations.
A volume, produced in two languages, Italian and English, that stems from the desire to stimulate curiosity and interest in the world of art printing and that is aimed not only at an audience of specialists but also at all those who have never had the opportunity to experience the alchemy that comes from the meeting of ink with paper through the different printing media.

“Looking at the perspectives of contemporary graphic design and thinking about the new languages that are developing, I would like Printmaking Tales to open a door from which to observe that artisanal and artistic journey, begun many centuries ago, that we now call printmaking” – Umberto Giovannini.

A path, full of twists and developments, divided into eleven chapters, each dedicated to a different technique and introduced by a story, fruit of the author’s imagination, which takes its cue from characters and episodes that have marked the history of art printing. A cue thanks to which he creates “a small fresco on the history and development of each technique, from its origins to its contemporary expressions”.

Printmaking Tales develops as a cognitive journey that starts from the oldest technique, woodcut, to contemporary printmaking experiments through engraving by burin, etching, drypoint, aquatint, mezzotint, woodcut, lithography, typography, serigraphy and mixed techniques. The introduction to each technique is enriched by a glossary and embellished with the most significant examples of engravings by artists from different periods.

“Printmaking is an ever-changing and ever-evolving art, with the characteristic of constantly renewing itself, not only in relation to the social contexts it goes through, but also because of its ability to mould itself to the technical and communication methods with which it necessarily comes to grips” – Umberto Giovannini.

Maura Piccia – Director of the Central Institute for Graphics
Giuseppe Prezioso – Product manager Belle Arti FABRIANO
Umberto Giovannini – Curator of Printmaking Tales
Marina Bindella – Artist
Gianna Bentivenga – Artist and RUFA lecturer
Ilaria Rosselli del Turco – Artist
Veronica Bassini – Typographer of Anonima Impressori
Marco Carsetti – Art printer for Else Edizioni
Central Institute for Graphics
Rome, Palazzo Poli, Sala Dante | via Poli, 54
Friday 26 May 2023 at 5:30 p.m.