Fine Arts

A new work of street art at Palazzo Farnese

20 Italian and French artists – including five RUFA students – were commissioned to create a street art work at Palazzo Farnese, under the direction of artists Aristide Barraud and Guido D’Angelo.

RUFA Visual Arts students Alice Papi, Alexandra Fongaro, Giulia Di Pasquale, Giulia Vitello and Nathalia Koux are among the 20 artists selected through the call “Uno sguardo contemporaneo sul Farnese, to enhance the Farnese architecture through a masonry work as part of the Project “Aperto per Lavori”, aimed at creatively reinterpreting the restoration site of Palazzo Farnese. Among the experts who made up the Jury were the painter Guido D’Angelo and the art critic and historian Fabrizio Pizzuto, both RUFA lecturers.

The palisade in Via del Mascherone was therefore made available to twenty young artists to allow them to express their vision of the Palace, drawing inspiration from the characters who animated its history, who participated in its construction, and who conceived its architecture.
The selected artists benefit from the curatorship of painter and RUFA lecturer Guido d’Angelo, and French artist d’Aristide Barraud, known for transforming walls into a space for creation and poetry through collages of texts and photographs.

The project was initiated and made possible thanks to the collaboration between RUFA, Institut français Italia and Liquitex.



Photos of the artists at work and of the inauguration