Performance Palazzo Farnese

Fine Arts


Live Painting by RUFA artists at Palazzo Farnese

Four young RUFA artists – Alice Papi, Lorenzo Cappella, Alexandra Fongaro and Davide Miceli – realised a 3-hour Live Painting performance in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Farnese.

On the occasion of the premiere of the documentary “Banksy e la ragazza del Bataclan” – produced by GA&A e Tinterkland, in co-production with Rai Cultura, ARTE G.E.I.E. and Luce Cinecittà internazionale – the four artists, students and RUFA graduates of visual arts, have been selected to create a personal interpretation of “La Ragazza Triste” by Banksy, and pay homage to the famous stencil of the girl with the veiled face and sadly reclining head, placed on the Bataclan’s emergency exit. It is one of the British street artist’s most significant works, commemorating the victims of the 13 November 2015 Paris attack claimed by Isis. The project in collaboration with Liquitex, Palazzo Farnese and GA&A Productione was curated by RUFA lecturer Fabrizio Pizzuto, critic and art historian.

The documentary presented, directed by Edoardo Anselmo, recounts the events surrounding the making of the ‘painted door’, its theft and its recovery, raising crucial questions about the art world: can a work of street art represent the feeling of a community? Can it, after its theft, be sought after by two police forces despite the fact that street art is illegal? If it is a work by Banksy, the answer is yes.
A story that reflects the contradictions of Street Art, a journey into Banksy’s universe, the world of copyright and the black market, in a documentary that follows the path of an iconic work on the madness of terrorism.

Some moments of the performance