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New guest in RUFA: Da Vinci, manufacturer of high-quality brushes

On Tuesday 19 March from 10 a.m., RUFA painting students had the opportunity to attend the first presentation in Italy of Da Vinci brushes, a renowned German company specialising in the production of fine art brushes.

Hermann Meyer, Director of the company, and Olimpio Rum, Da Vinci’s representative in Italy, spoke as part of the painting lesson held by RUFA lecturer Fabrizio Dell’Arno.
Hermann Meyer presented the history of the company to the visual arts students, recounting the processes and characteristics of production and projecting a series of films.
Following this, RUFA painting lecturer Guido D’Angelo focused on the specific techniques of some brushes – both natural and synthetic – through workshop activities and practical classroom demonstrations. The meeting is led by lecturer Emiliano Coletta.


The company: Da Vinci

High-quality materials, traditional craftsmanship and expertise acquired from generation to generation, combined with the most modern production systems go hand in hand at da Vinci to guarantee excellent quality and production standards for the entire product range.
Artists’ brushes were originally the core of the company’s portfolio, from which tools for a wide range of applications have been developed over the generations, including special brushes for new painting techniques, such as gilding and marbling in artistic craftsmanship, dentistry, porcelain and ceramic painting.

The basis of these products was, is and always will be in the future: the careful selection of raw materials, most of which are prepared specifically for the respective brush type in their finish, composition or after-treatment.
At the same time, the training of brush craftsmen is of paramount importance. Each employee of the factory has completed a three-year apprenticeship and must receive comprehensive training before being able to produce the entire assortment.
With the utmost care and great passion, the brushes are produced with a quality that is recognised the world over and are able to meet the highest demands.
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