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Fine Arts


Sculpture and Installations


“ITER AD SALUTEM – Il viaggio per la salvezza”. Exhibition by painter and RUFA student Alessia Mattia.

Spazio AGORART – Clivio Rutario 53, Rome.
Vernissage 17 May 2024 at 18:00- Finissage 31 May 2024 at 18:00.

Art excites.
Because it shows that there are really no limits to dreams and creativity.
Categorically opposed to the concept of art for art’s sake, Alessia Mattia is convinced that art should not be an end in itself, but should explain the meaning of life: the mission is to work for the spiritual improvement of mankind..
The completed form is in its original sense a spiritual creation, an incarnation based on purely ethical factors supporting the evolution and unity of peoples.
And as Dante ascends through the various heavens of paradise, gaining an ever deeper understanding of divinity and the universe, Orpheus descends into the realm of the dead to try to bring his beloved Eurydice back to life, facing numerous challenges along the way. Two opposing literary examples but perpetually ‘in motion’.
Anabasis and Catabasis, terms derived from the Greek (Αναβασις and Καταβασις) and symbolising the search, growth and transformation, already belong to her in the atavistic representation of the unconfessed. The disfigurement of real values, whose hallmarks of a civilisation are nothing more than an obvious moral imbalance, ‘swirls’ between the lines of the contrasting paintings, in a play of references, environments, light, styles and hues that, as in a modern matryoshka, emerge tyrannically. One ascends and descends in a permanent vortex through the works of Alessia Mattia, an exegesis of what she has so far managed to transpose onto canvas, despite being so young.


Alessia Mattia – Bio of the artist

Born in Rome in 2000, enrolled since 2021 at the RUFA Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, from February 2023 to December 2023 she trained at the atelier of artist Mauro di Silvestre. In May 2023 he attended the presentation of the new colours Liquitex and the implementation of related works.
She has worked on commissions for the following collectors: Federico Gaggioli, Massimo Fascetti, Francesca Conti, Christian Danesi, Eleonora Chicca, Antonella Capitani, Francesca Cerchi and Michele Stoduto (for the last couple, she did a live wedding portrait at the Odescalchi Castle in Palo, Ladispoli).

-Temporary collective exhibition “Le notti felliniane” at the Area contesa arte gallery in via Margutta (2021);
-Temporary collective exhibition “Venerdì arte in quartiere” with Associazione Trieste, at the association’s gallery in via Volsinio 21 (2022);
-Permanent exhibition for the inauguration of the new Liquitex colours, at the Vertecchi shop by Guido d’Angelo (2023). Spazio AGORART, via Clivio R