Multimedia Arts and Design


RUFA students from the Master of Multimedia Arts and Design course will be the protagonists of the new summer edition of the Festival with two original productions.

The collaboration between the Dancity Cultural Association and RUFA continues, and for the Dancity Summer Festival 2024, they will present two site-specific installations created by first-year students (Pascolo Abusivo Collective) and second-year students (Blivet Collective) of the Master of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design.
The project, curated and coordinated by artist and RUFA lecturer Daniele Falchi, will be presented within Dancity M.A.S. – a section dedicated to media art and the multiple artistic languages interconnected with contemporary culture – at Cantina Raìna (Montefalco, PG), one of the new venues of the event along with Cantina Scacciadiavoli, on June 22 and 23, 2024.
Once again, the Dancity Summer Festival 2024 continues its mission, offering emerging talents the opportunity to share the stage with internationally renowned artists such as Nina Kraviz, Marie Davidson, John Talabot, and Kelman Duran in the most magical and suggestive locations of the Umbrian territory, which for the occasion will provide only zero-kilometer products for a truly green experience.


CHOROS by Pascolo Abusivo Collective

“Chòros” is an audiovisual installation that intends to reflect on Dionysian rituals by focusing on the concept of transition. The project aims to represent a place of transit through which the spectator will be led to the dimension that awaits them, where the ritual serves as a threshold and determines the space itself. The audience will be immersed in dissociative and disorienting acousmatic sounds coming from the vineyards surrounding the entrance avenue. The screams, breaths, inhuman shouts, and percussive rhythms foreshadow a primordial event that precedes all categories or distinctions, inviting novice visitors to surrender to the senses, body, instinct, and unconscious.
As night falls, the sounds will become luminous entities: the Bacchae become spirits, manifesting as powerful and sudden sequential luminous stimulations that proceed and restart from the entrance to the end of the avenue, accompanying the visitor’s return to real life while simultaneously contributing to their disorientation.

INVICTUS by Blivet Collective

When the sun and the earth reach their maximum distance from each other, human beings experience a moment of suspension characterised by new possibilities and energies. Indeed, since antiquity, rituals related to the solstice have consecrated nature in order to achieve new connections and new bonds, unlocking that antifragile part of the human being.
“Invictus” is a totemic structure that lives in symbiosis with the earth’s rotational motion, generating a dynamic alternation that symbolises the cosmic dance between light and darkness. The spectator, invited to experience a continuous transformation, thus participates in a purification ritual that aims to awaken the latent energy within.

22-23 June 2024
Dancity Summer Festival 2024 – Dancity M.A.S.
Cantina Raìna

Curator: Daniele Falchi
Artists: Silvia Baldo, Valerio Borgognoni, Elisa Catalano, Annarita Debellis, Giuseppe Di Capua, Raffaele Esposito, Carola Imbesi, Anthony Tony Jugo, Alessandro Battaglia, Micol Gelsi, Marco Valerio Luciani, Benedetta Marino, Beatrice Resta, Paolo Rucci, Riccardo Tartaglini.


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