Artista - Flavia Corsetti Antonini

Flavia Corsetti Antonini

Class of: 1998
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Fotografia e audiovisivo | Photography and audiovisual

Born in Rome in 1998, she attended the Fine Arts course at the University for the Creative arts in Canterbury where she nurtured a great passion for the world of contemporary art. Still unsure of the right medium to communicate with the outside world, she decided to undertake the photography and audiovisual course at the Rome University of Fine Art in 2019 to further her research by introducing the camera as her preferred medium.

“Taking refuge in an imaginary world that oscillates between the real and the oneiric, my images aim to express an inner unease with the world around me, revealing a sense of melancholy in my photographs. The dystopian world in which we found ourselves in 2020 made it possible for me to investigate myself and my origins within the family context in order to find the reasons for the general discontent I was experiencing even before the pandemic arrived.

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