Artista - Flavia Mazzoni

Flavia Mazzoni

Class of: 1997
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Graphic Design

Born in Rome in February 1997, Flavia grows up loving to explore new places and playing along with his father’s cameras during her many trips around the world, she starts to develop a great interest in photography. After high school, she starts the BA in Graphic Design at RUFA. During her studies she gets the chance to widen her knowledge in graphics but always without forgetting her deep passion for photography. This love for graphic and photography helps her to come up with an innovative thesis: after her trip to India and Nepal she decides to revisit the classic guidebook. After finishing her degree with the highest grade, she moves to London, UK to complete a master in Graphic Branding and Identity at University of the Arts London (UAL).

Not the usual India, not the usual Nepal

The East has always been a mysterious place and travel destination to search for an “elsewhere”. It has inspired artists, writers, musicians and thousands of young people who have searched for a different way of living away from home. India and Nepal, in particular, with their ancient history and important religious and philosophical traditions, have attracted and still attract thousands of visitors every year. Any contact with these worlds is often filtered by clichés that derive from our Orientalism.

This thesis proposes a less exotic reality and is therefore able to surprise a traveler without prejudices.