Studenti - Livia Londi

Livia Londi

Class of:
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Graphic Design

After graduating from Liceo Ripetta in Rome with a specialization in graphic design, I chose to continue my studies at Rufa. The path I took during the three-year course in Graphic Design, taught me to develop my skills towards the world of graphic design, but not only. With the thesis project, “Trend Without End”, a platform for the sale of used clothes, the desire to explore the theme of e-commerce was born. For this reason, after obtaining my bachelor’s degree with honours, I continued my studies with a master’s degree in E-commerce and Online Business. Today I consider myself a person who is aware that perseverance and determination are the key to achieving any goal, but also that experiences nourish skills and for this I thank my professors, Emanuele Cappelli and Nicola Di Cosmo, because thanks to them visual design is my job today.

Trend without end. Un portale di e-commerce per la moda

Livia Londi’s project focuses on the role of e-commerce and the development of an online platform for buying and selling women’s used and branded clothes. The idea came from the student’s passion for fashion and shopping, but above all from her desire to work as a graphic designer in the world of fashion. This gave rise to the idea of creating a tool that would allow you to get rid of all those branded products in good condition that you don’t use every day, but which you find difficult to get rid of because of their economic value. The e-commerce website project Trend Without End was created to meet this need.

In addition to online sales and purchases, T.W.E. organises fashion events where you can set up a point of sale with your clothes, take part in fashion shows by emerging designers, have fun and make great purchases with a good quality/price ratio.