Artista - Sonja Felix

Sonja Felix

Class of: 1989
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Visual and Innovation Design

They call me Sonja Felix, I was born on April 5, 1989. Born young and happy. Like now. I have always communicated more with images than with words. So I took a First Level Academic Diploma in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and a Master Degree in Visual and Innovation Design at the Rome University of Fine Arts in Rome. I have been very lucky. I have created video installations for TEDexTiburtino, Stefan Sagmeister, Karim Rashid and the architect Francis Kéré. I have developed skills in video animation and corporate identity creation. I have a complex and varied background today. I’m a multimedia communicator aware that my job is to find ways, that others don’t know, to tell their stories. So I’m constantly watching, listening, asking and knowing. I am the work in progress of myself. I have always been the work in progress of myself.

Once upon a fly. Identity and communication of an airline for families and children

Sonja Felix’s project consisted in creating the creative identity and communication of an airline specialising in the transport of families and children, which would meet all the needs of small passengers and make their parents happy and relaxed. Since it is impossible to arbitrarily decide to get on or off the plane at will, it seemed appropriate to design a service that could meet all the possible needs of passengers, facilitating their journey and increasing their peace of mind.

In addition to this design, there is a communication need: to convey the image of the airline through conventional marketing alongside unconventional marketing, so that the customer does not just feel like a customer of a service, but a protagonist and an active part of the company, like a partner in it.