Gianfranco Manzo

Born in Rome in 1961, in 1985 he started photo editing images using Crosfield/Dicomed, eventually moving on to the Autographix workstation and, finally, Apple and Adobe Photoshop. He has collaborated and collaborates with the top agencies in Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna for photo editing work, along with creative and graphic window exposition work for Fendi stores in Italy and worldwide.
He has worked in press/poster campaigns for: AAMS, Acea, Ail, Alenia, Alfa Romeo, Alitalia, Anlaids, Aprilia, Avis, Bistefani, BNL Paribas, Bulgari, Buffetti, Centrale del Latte, Chicco, Coca Cola, COOP, Dahlia TV, Dea Kids, Ellesse, Enel, Eni, Fendi, Feudi di S. Gregorio, Fiat, Ford, Fox, General Motors, Halls, History Channel, Good Year, H3G, Honda, Illy, Iveco, Lancia, Land Rover, Lete, Lexus, Lloyd Assicurazioni, Lottomatica, Manetti-Roberts, Mastercard, Mercedes, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Labour, Madre Museum, National Geographic, Nissan, Nokia, Peugeot, Pfizer, Philip Morris, Play Station, Poste Italiane, Procter & Gamble, Q8, RAI, RDS, Renault, Region of Campania, Region of Lazio, Region of Umbria, Rocchetta, Saab, Santa Croce, Sat 2000, Smart, Snai, Studio Universal, Tamoil, Telecom, TIM, Telethon, Toyota, Trenitalia, Unilever, Valtur, Veratour, Vodafone, Volvo, Warner, Wind, WWF.