Giorgio Marcatili

Giorgio Marcatili was born in Rome in the past century, although he doesn’t look his age and can still boast a head of hair its own natural colour. He graduated in Aeronautical Engineering and gained a Master in Business Administration, and has an immoderate passion for the sea and for building things. As an infant he would take to pieces anything he could get a hold of (of course, never putting them back together again), for the delight of his parents, who must have spent a fortune on mixers and other appliances periodically sacrificed to knowledge. His passion for the sea led him first to serve as a naval officer, then to practise surfing and, finally, kite surfing, around the world, which he still engages in with some rather good results. Last but not least, the need to keep his head above water convinced him to accept the job of technical director in the family business, in which position he was responsible for supervising construction sites up and down the country, although he later set up his own business producing semi-finished and finished products for the nautical sector, specialising in the automated production of boards for surfing and kite surfing, and similar frivolities. He has always had an interest in all things mechanical and electronic and in programming, designing his first numerical control machine at an early age, for making windsurf fins. This passion never abandoned him and, later on in his life, manufacturing automatic machines developed into a raison d’être. His products are all strictly digitally designed, and machine made, because he believes that manual labour enfeebles rather than ennobles man, so it’s best to make a machine do all the hard work. Dragged into Rufa unawares, he has found, instead, that teaching is a marvellous experience! Of course, not being up to teaching literary or historical subjects, they locked him in a small room with lots of automatic machines to while away the time with: from there he transforms the students’ ideas into projects and tangible innovation, trying to transmit to them both a healthy creative passion and an entrepreneurial and practical approach to the world of work.

Take it easy… but not too much and looking forward to seeing you in the labs!