Jacopo Santini

Lecturer of the modules The photographic project and Photography and Landscape in the RUFA x Leica Akademie advanced training course: Immagine fotografica per il cinema e i nuovi media.

Born in Florence, humanistic studies followed by a degree in Law at the University of Florence.
Since 1998, engaged in the field of archaeological photography at the Soprintendenza Archeologica di Firenze. In this capacity, he is in charge of the photographic documentation of finds, the various phases of restoration and archaeological sites in central Italy, and collaborates on the production of iconographic material for exhibitions in the sector Active since the mid-1990s in the field of documentary photography and social investigation, he began publishing and exhibiting at galleries, festivals and cultural institutions in Italy and Europe.

Since 2004 and until its closure he has been working as a lecturer, as well as for other US university programmes, at SACI, the US Academy of Art at University level based in Florence, as a lecturer in photography, co-director of the two-year Master in Photography programme and director of the programme dedicated to the Biennale d’Arte e d’Architettura in Venice.

Since 2018 he has been teaching for Leica Akademie in Florence and since 2022 for New York University (Florence).

Since 2023 he has held the seminar “Iconosphere” for the Department of Architecture at UniFi (University of Florence). Already involved in reportages concerning the Middle East, thanks to two scholarships he is currently working on “301”, a photographic/textual project on the memory of Metz Yegern, the Armenian genocide.