Livia Barbieri

Livia Barbieri was born in Rome, in 1983, and graduated in Economics from La Sapienza University, Rome (2006), going on to gain a diploma from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) in Rome, after attending the Film Production course (2006-2008).
Her first job as an organiser, in 2009, was in “Brothers of Italy”, a documentary directed by Claudio Giovannesi, with whom she has since worked in other projects, “Ali Blue Eyes” (2012) and “Flower” (2016) (as production supervisor and production coordinator, respectively).
Throughout 2010 and part of 2011 she worked at a number of different low-budget projects: fashion commercials (“She wolf” and “Passe-partout” by Debora Vrizzi), shorts (“Al servizio del cliente” by Beppe Tufarulo and “Sottocasa” by Alessio Lauria, both of which won the respective editions of the best shorts section of the Solinas Award, “Cargo” by Carlo Sironi, screened in competition at the ’69th Venice Film Festival), music videos (“Under the sun” by Lorenzo Vignolo).
In 2012, she returned to making documentaries with “La Carrera” by Francesco Costabile and Assunta Nugnes, and with “It’s Gonna Take a Miracle” by Davide Minnella, winner at the 2014 RIFF. That same year she collaborated in the preparation, shooting and post-production with Jean Denis Le Dinahet, the producer of the debut film by Fabio Mollo “South is Nothing”, which won the Taodue Golden Camera Award for Best First and Second Film, which recognises the best emerging director and producer, at the 8th edition of the Rome Film Festival.
In 2013 and 2014, she participated in various films as supervisor or coordinator, including the debut film by Claudio Amendola “The Move of the Penguin” and “Me, Myself and Her” by Maria Sole Tognazzi. As organiser, the documentary by Lorenzo D’amico de Carvalho “Terra de Fraternidade” and Gianclaudio Cappai’s debut film “Leaving No Trace”.
In 2015 and 2016, as an organiser: the 5-part web series “AUS – Adopt a Student” by Antonio Marzotto, winner of the Solinas Award in the Bottega del Web contest, screened on the Rai website; the short “Le futur” by J.P.Baumerder, featuring Jacques Perrin; the feature film “L’indomptee” by Caroline Deruas, in competition in the Filmmakers of the Present section at the 2016 Locarno Film Festival. Meanwhile, she continued to work in the coordination of the film “Banat” by Adriano Valerio, Claudio Amendola’s second film “Il permesso”, and “Looking for Oum Kulthum” by Shirin Neshat (previously winner of the Silver Lion at the 66th Venice International Film Festival for “Women Without Men”).
Currently she is working with Giovanni Pompili of Kino Productions on two projects for documentaries (co-productions with Switzerland, namely “Devil’s Gold”, directed by Michele Pennetta, and France “Women Photographie” directed by Esther Sparatore) and a feature film (a Belgian co-production “Coureur”, directed by Kenneth Mercken).