Stefan Sagmeister

He is Austrian, born in 1962, brilliant and eclectic. His performances are in great demand. He started as a columnist and then very soon became one of the most smart professionals in visual communication, a true artist. Sagmeister now lives and works in New York, where he founded the Sagmeister & Walsh studio.

His prominence began in the nineties when, after studying graphic design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and having specialized through a Master’s degree at the Pratt Institute in New York, he was hired at the age of 29 in the Leo Burnett agency in di Hong Kong and in 1993 he flew to New York and went to work for six months at Tibor Kalman’s. They were all fundamental experiences to get to know the “tools of the job” and to start working on his own.

And so in 1994 he opened Sagmeister Inc. and began to combine a series of projects that have made him over time one of the protagonists of contemporary creative communication, thanks to his inspiration, his intuitions, his irreverent, commercial and ironic language, combined with a strong artistic sensitivity.

His productions are characterized from the beginning by the ability to touch through design the heart of the observer, to be able to excite, to surprise, to suggest. A research that led him to be considered not only a skilled entrepreneur of the “sign”, but also, like great artists, as an interpreter of contemporaneity. Today Sagmeister continues with his activity as a graphic designer, always inspired by his winning method, which he summarizes in his own way: «How do I convince my clients? I scream, cry and pray ».