Tullio Morganti

Graduated from the Liceo Classico Giulio Cesare in Rome in 1974 in 1979 he abandoned his university studies to devote himself to the activity of sound engineer, initially at private radio stations and from 1984 in cinematographic field as a live sound engineer.
Seven times nominated for the David di Donatello Award for best live sound engineer, he won it in 1994, 1997 and 1998 respectively for the films Sud (Gabriele Salvatores) Nirvana (Gabriele Salvatores) and Ovosodo (Paolo Virzì).
Seven times a candidate for the Ciak d’Oro in the best live sound category in 2002, he won it for the film Figli / Hijos (Marco Bechis).
Since 1994 member of the Jury of the Italian Academy of Cinema – David di Donatello Award.
Since 2010, lecturer of courses in Field Sound RecordingTechniques at RFA (Rome Film Academy – former NUCT) at Cinecittà
From 2015 lecturer of sound design / Field Sound RecordingTechniques workshops at A.U.T. American University of Technolog, Halat Lebanon
From 2017 lecturer of the course of Field Sound RecordingTechniques at RUFA and from 2018 teacher of the Sound Design 1 course at RUFA.