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C’era una DONNA

A story, all to be rewritten

Exhibition by Graphic Design and Graphic Design – Comics and Illustration students: Stefano Cattani, Antonella Scardino, Rebecca Zambelli, Barbara Notaro, Alessia Zappitelli, Silvia Santopaolo, Giordana Scipioni, Rachele Sdoga, Martina Villani, Edoardo Nardi, Valerio Teti, Clara Masuzzo, Daniela Lavezzo, Emma Arduini, Giorgio Milanese, Margherita Muzzi. The projects were supervised by lecturers Claudio Spuri, Alessandra. Giacomelli e Rita Petruccioli.

30 May – 3 June 2022, RUFA Space – Via degli Ausoni, 7. Curated by Claudio Spuri. 


The city, an academy, students, professors, professionals, administrators and activists come together to talk about gender-based violence.

The stimulus of the meeting is the need not to lower our gaze in the face of a problem that is still all too topical and the need to be able to communicate it effectively. There are victims and perpetrators, but there is also a ‘dominant common thought’, which must necessarily be questioned: the one that still justifies and fuels the condition of subordination of women with respect to men. This is why we felt it was important to also get our students to speak, giving them the opportunity to tell this theme from their point of view, through the tools of visual communication.

The exhibition ‘C’era una donna. Una storia, tutta da riscrivere‘ (There was a woman. A story, all to be rewritten) is therefore intended to be the testimony of a human and didactic journey and, at the same time, the possibility of a confrontation between disciplines and generations that are often too far apart, united by a great desire to write something new together. It is assumed that the Department of Participation, Communication and Equal Opportunities of Roma Capitale intends to implement a communication campaign in support of women victims of male violence and, in particular, of women who are victims of violence and, in particular, to promote the circuit of municipal anti-violence services connected to 1522. Promoting these realities means informing and, at the same time, giving a listening ear, support and hope to those who otherwise, in a state of submission and isolation, would feel abandoned.

The aim is to spread the overcoming of the condition of victim and to encourage the development of a language that redefines the meaning of violence, breaking it down from the mere vision of ‘victimisation’ and spreading a message of redemption, equity and social ethics. In parallel, communication is aimed at strengthening the dialogue with those concerned by increasing the possibility of using the 1522 number.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the collaboration and support in the realisation of the awareness-raising campaigns of the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Rome (Graphic Design Course), and Anahi Mariotti, activist of Lucha y Siesta and CAV Titano (Graphic Design – Comics and Illustration Course). Councillor for Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities Monica Lucarelli and Chiara Franceschini, activist of the Casa delle Donne Lucha y Siesta and worker at the CAV Titano, have participated at the inauguration.

The students’ projects

IO CI CREDO – Stefano Cattani, Antonella Scardino, Rebecca Zambelli
LUI TI AMA – Barbara Notaro, Alessia Zappitelli
NON TI AZZARDARE – Silvia Santopaolo, Giordana Scipioni, Rachele Sdoga, Martina Villani
È NORMALE? – Edoardo Nardi, Valerio Teti

A MANO A MANO – Clara Masuzzo
LOTTA CON NOI – Daniela Lavezzo
UNITI PER LA PELLE – Giorgio Milanese

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C'era una DONNA
from 30.05.2022 to 03.06.2022
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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