Double Exhibition of the artists Giulia Di Pasquale and Federica Griesi.
OPENING: Monday 27 February 2023 at 5 pm at the RUFA Space, Pastificio Cerere – Via degli Ausoni 7.

“Monochrome is both end and beginning. Saturated with a past, it restores its veil through new layers, malleates the surface and changes, transpires, leaks”.

The exhibition proposes the themes of monochrome by putting a new point, a sign. It is annulment but rebirth. It absorbs chaos and regulates it, filters it through a dense patina of paint.
Painting, which is to be understood as material-colour through layering, transparencies, saturation, and others, brings man’s unconscious dynamics closer together, creating in this case a monochrome that is a cancellation of form in favour of Sensation. The latter is the determining goal of painting. It is through it that one can achieve what Maleviç called «The supremacy of pure sensitivity in art».

The monochrome has generated, in artists and in everyone’s history, a focus on what has happened and what is about to happen; its identity shines through, in present continuous recovery and metamorphosis.

The term ‘climate’, in Giulia Di Pasquale’s monochromes, rediscovers the dimension of the view, of the surroundings, which is also associated with the term ‘mood’, indicating instead that of the interior. During the creative process, through short, fast brushstrokes mixed together, the primary figure/structure gradually unravels, implodes in the canvas itself, annihilates, goes beyond, mutates, determining an Other. The monochrome thus becomes landscape, or rather climate, thus entering into a relationship with space, but even more so with time. The annulment it determines makes its understanding prolonged, but, in a world where speed is trivial, it becomes perhaps essential to pause.

Policromi, is a fragment of the title among Federica Griesi’s works, this results in a dichotomy with regard to the main theme of the exhibition; however, in that space lies the elaboration dedicated to it.
Policromi, from Greek ‘much’ and ‘colour’ sheds a light, declares Da Dove Proviene (‘Where it Comes From’)
Layering of transparencies and the use of a range of materials to arrive at a black
a blackness that will never be whole and runs towards a journey backwards, back to her origins;
To what she was, what she has been and what her others have been.
Figlia Ancestrale del Nulla.

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from 27.02.2023 to 03.03.2023
Via degli Ausoni 7

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