Entering Virtual Fashion

Exhibition by Fashion Designer AR Developer Isabel Palumbo and Viviana Curella, 3D Artist AR Specialist and RUFA graduate in Computer Animation and Visual Effects.
The event is realised as part of RUFAlumni, a project that gives former students the opportunity to present their work to the public using the Academy’s spaces.

Opening: Friday 1 March 2024 at 18.00 – Aula G15 | G16 – Campus RUFA di Via Giuseppe Libetta, 7.

“Entering Virtual Fashion” is an extraordinary exhibition that transports the art of fashion into the digital universe.
Through the use of 3D software such as Blender and Virtual Fashion Design software such as Marvelous Designer, each installation is elevated to levels otherwise impossible to achieve in the real world. Inspired by their roots in southern Italy, the artists celebrate the sea and the rich local culture, incorporating symbolism related to religion and tradition. These unique works capture the imagination and engage the audience in an exciting journey through art, fashion, culture and technology.

Mermaid Dress

“This installation embodies the very essence of the ocean. In addition to representing the classic mermaid shape, the Mermaid Dress is designed as a creative work evoking the imagery of the enchantresses of the sea.
With a harmonious fusion of distinctive elements, the dress seems to have been woven from the very scales of sea creatures, enriched with tulle details that give the skirt an ethereal elegance. The small details, such as the drops of water on the surface of the fabric and the texture simulating a wet effect, contribute to creating a magical and evocative atmosphere.
The off-shoulder neckline and the sinuous silhouette of the skirt combine to create an aura of pure elegance, while the virtual model moves with grace and confidence.
To capture the essence of the sea, sparkling plankton-inspired particles dance around the skirt, lending it a touch of magic and mystery. These elements follow the movement of the invisible avatar, evoking the movement of the waves crashing on the shore.
In the fashion show performance, the transition between entry and exit is orchestrated as an illusion of dematerialisation and materialisation, mimicking the movement of the foam that forms and dissolves along the shore”.
This digital suit was exhibited at the world’s largest Web3 conference “NFT Paris 2024“, inside the pavilion of Future Front Row.
The show featured several artists and creators in the field of digital fashion whose works were shown to the public in the form of holograms. The installation demonstrates how the most creative concepts can come to life and turn into works of art through the use of innovative visual effects, unrepeatable in the real world.

Ultimately, the Mermaid Dress is not only a masterpiece of design, but also a sensory experience that brings with it the allure, colours and magic of the ocean, inviting anyone who observes it to immerse themselves in a world of pure beauty and suggestion.



The work embodies the values of acceptance and peace achieved through suffering, inspired by the figure of Saint Catherine of Siena, a determined and enterprising spirit who fought for her convictions despite adversity.
She distinguished herself by her determination to realise her own identity and pursue her inspirations, even at the expense of family expectations. She refused a marriage and fought to join the ‘Mantellate’, wearers of black dresses, which influenced the colour of the dress depicted in the work.
The saint tackled the social problems of her time with courage, even sending letters to the Pope, despite the fact that she was illiterate and depended on others to write. Her commitment to peace and justice is depicted in the painting through the use of the colour bright red, inspired by the stigmata that sprouted before her death and the last word she uttered, ‘blood’.
St. Catherine’s mystical visions are symbolised by her eyes opening and closing in the background, while the eye above with its golden rays represents the divine eye, suggesting the presence and approval of the Lord.
In the centre of the work, between the golden rays, is the Heart of Fatima, a symbol of devotion and connection to God. This symbolic element relates to the message of conversion and penance spread through the Fatima visions, recalling the heart as the centre of action and spiritual life.
The work is permeated by an ethereal and abstract atmosphere, reflecting the strong religious culture and values transmitted in our country. Through the depiction of these themes, the work invites reflection on inner strength and the search for inner peace through suffering and acceptance.”

The exhibition will be open to the public until Friday 8 March during the academy’s normal opening hours:

Opening: venerdì 1 marzo ore 18.00
Tuesday – Friday: 9.00 – 20.00

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  • RUFA Culture