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Design, communication, marketing: new professional figures and new opportunities.

The main theme of the next RUFA Talk – by architect Stefano Pediconi – is the innovative figure of the Hotel Stylist: no longer just technical aspects, but a mix of skills that allows you to support entrepreneurs in a concrete way, making the project a real development tool.
Ideas, design, image study, communication, marketing, photography: these are transversal skills that, together, allow you to create new professional roles to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive market.
“Connect the dots” (* cit), thus new job opportunities are born. And in the hotel sector they have merged into this new and necessary figure.


The meeting will be held online on Wednesday 2 February, from 10.00 to 13.00 in the Aula Magna at the RUFA headquarters in via Taro 14 in Rome. Addressed to all students and particularly recommended for Design students.

Stefano Pediconi

Artist, Hotel Stylist, architect and blogger, a scholar of hôtellerie and wellness trends for over 20 years. He deals with hotel design and wellness center design, for the latter he develops new concepts that place Studio Stefano Pediconi among the most innovative in the sector on the international scene.
Overcoming the technical aspects of the profession of architect, Stefano Pediconi also deals with communication and marketing as a content creator, copywriter and photographer: thanks to his transversal skills he has introduced the professional figure of the Hotel Stylist into the hospitality sector, who supports hotel entrepreneurs by talking to them in the “same language”. He has been involved in training since 2005.


via Taro 14

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