Political manifestos

Stories and images of Republican Italy

On 27 April the RUFA Talk was held: “I MANIFESTI POLITICI. Storie e immagini dell’Italia Repubblicana” (Political manifestos. Stories and images of Republican Italy) will be held on 27 April. It will be organised by the lecturer Alberto Ruggieri and will feature Edoardo Novelli, lecturer and researcher in the field of political communication, sociology of the media and visual studies.

Together with the rally, the poster is the main form of political communication in the 20th century. Drawing on the various symbolic repertoires of politics, avant-garde art, war propaganda, advertising, comics and the language of protest, posters tell the story of the politics, society and graphics of Republican Italy. Starting from the book “I manifesti politici” by Edoardo Novelli, the Talk proposes a chronological survey of the iconography, languages and visual styles used by the main Italian political parties and associations from 1945 to the present day. From the language of fascism readapted in the new republican phase, to the development of a coordinated party image, up to the arrival of agencies and the prevalence of advertising language. An itinerary that develops between illustration, graphics and photography, proceeding through plagiarism, innovation and creativity.


The meeting was held online on Wednesday 27 April from 10.00 to 13.00 in the Aula Magna at the RUFA headquarters in via Taro 14, Rome. All students are encouraged to attend.

Edoardo Novelli

Full Professor at the University of Roma Tre and researcher in the field of political communication, sociology of media and visual studies. On the languages of propaganda and electoral campaigns he has coordinated international research projects financed by the Community and the European Parliament, published essays and articles, authored television programmes and curated dedicated exhibitions. He is in charge of the Archive of Italian Political Commercials.


Via Taro, 14

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