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Packing Up for a Library


“Packing Up for a Library, Photobooks 2019/2022” is the new Photography Student Exhibition curated by lecturer David Mozzetta.

Authors: Leonardo Amorosi, Aurora Campana, Gabriella Carbone, Claudia Coppola, Alice Brignone, Agnese De Luca, Gaia Del Piano, Federica De Salvatore, Armando Egidi, Carmine Ferraro, Andrea Ferretti, Laura Filipponi, Lorenzo Finardi, Alice Fincato, Francesco Fioravanti, Emanuele Giordano, Carolina laccarino, Sabina Ismailova, Guido Leon Salerno Aletta, Ludovica Lucciola, Eleonora Marinanza, Emanuele Mazzone, Ayla Mueller, Irene Occhipinti, Sara Petrillo, Mirko Pizzichini, Chiara Preti, Christian Quatela, Serena Radicioli, Aurora Santilli, Nicole Scilipoti, Maria Teresa Tenaglia, Lorenzo Teodosi, Tommaso Termine, Federica Troiani, Marialuna Tucci, Martina Volino.

Collecting books is in itself a noble act, but potentially narcissistic, tending toward immobility.
Archiving, cataloging and exhibiting, on the other hand, are modes of enjoyment that aspire to produce critical thinking with respect to the themes contained in the volumes.
With these assumptions comes the idea for the group exhibition “Packing Up for a Library” curated by David Mozzetta, featuring the work of students in the Academic Photography and Audiovisual course.
Book exhibitions are often possible thanks to public libraries and private collectors who make their volumes available, temporarily moving them from their shelves and then returning them to their place once the exhibition is over.
Packing Up for a Library, on the other hand, is an early moment; the shelves do not yet exist.

The books on display are the result of the work of editorial design courses for photography, and we have the opportunity to see them collected in one room before they become part of the student library.
The exhibition looks back over the past three academic years to reflect on what has been produced, and re-present it to the public.
The title, borrowed from Walter Benjamin’s famous essay “Unpacking My Library,” is precisely a call for the creation of a student library, a section of the library where past work can be freely accessed, reviewed and studied.

from 31.10.2022 to 04.11.2022
Via degli Ausoni 7

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  • RUFA Culture

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  • Photography and Audiovisual