Performance di Emma Schunack e Amedeo Longo

Performances of the artists Emma Schunack and Amedeo Longo, curated by Marta Jovanovic.
RUFA Space, 8 July 2022.


Falling between Rome by Emma Schunack.

A collaborative performance involving hundreds of people from Rome.
A rope made of cut hair is used to hang a human body from the ceiling.
The 3-hour performance speaks of the struggle of the individual within a collective, of the tension between dependence and freedom.

Il Domatore di Creta by Amedeo Longo.

I whipped you 100 times
I have whipped you 50 times ,
I whipped you 10 times,
but only once did I mould you.

The artist will whip a block of clay placed on a pedestal for an hour with a three-metre whip to find the right shape.
The abstract form of the gesture on clay. To wear, for once, the shoes of both a tamer and a sculptor.

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Performance di Emma Schunack e Amedeo Longo
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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  • RUFA Culture

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