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What Remains

Visual Arts Double Exhibition. Artists: Giulia Gaia Rossi e Sofia Sotto Corona. Curated by Beatrice Levorato. RUFA Space, from 24 to 29 november 2021.

We present an exhibition on the poetics of remembrance that alternates between the want to remember and the need to forget. This double exhibition features two female Visual Arts undergraduates, Giulia Gaia Rossi and Sofia Sotto Corona.

Giulia Gaia Rossi narrates the collectivity of human beings in solitude. In her works on paper, the ants, which appear as inserts in each of her works, act like time and erase moments of life. Sofia Sotto Corona shows archive photographs on which she physically intervenes. She digs into her past and extracts forgotten, precarious moments. The two artists elegantly communicate between absence and presence in a joint four-handed installation.

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from 24.11.2021 to 29.11.2021
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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  • RUFA Culture

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  • Painting