RUFA 2020/2021: Welcome Day!

In certainly different ways than in the recent past, but with the desire to be advocates of change, to travel new roads and if necessary to build them. Friday, October 30th, in remote mode with a series of appointments and initiatives that will travel online, RUFA newcomers will meet each other for the first time.

A moment of sharing and celebration to discuss the future, but also to wonder what to do, in a historical phase certainly difficult to interpret.

In this scenario the function of training takes on very important implications: thanks to the relationship that is established between teacher and student, it is necessary to have more significant and impactful approaches to the outside world. And to give form and substance to this process it is necessary to strengthen one’s own skills, accepting the challenge, becoming aware and aware of all possible opportunities.

The Day that RUFA dedicates to newcomers aims to create ties, to generate expectations, to make the transition to the future more immediate, to enter with full hands into an open and multidisciplinary agora, whose only boundary is represented by thought.

General presentation 10.00 am
Fabio Mongelli – Greetings from the Director
Andrea-René Angeramo – Didactics and services
Cristiana Pagnottelli – Communication and Events Office
Giulia Mencarelli – Erasmus and internships
Maeve Rodgers – International Students
Lorenzo Torchia – Library and thesis desk
Ernesto Pastore – Introduction to COVID guidelines

Following the general presentation the newcomers will be able to confront with the teachers of their degree course, connecting online on the WebEx platform (all the newcomers will receive the access links via email). During the meetings the teachers will be in the classrooms that from the beginning of the academic year will go to repopulate themselves with ideas and projects.

No waiting then, in RUFA art starts again!



Featured for:

  • Film Arts
  • Cinema
  • Computer Animation and Visual Effects
  • Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Photography and Audiovisual
  • Graphic design
  • Graphic Design - Comics and Illustration
  • Multimedia Arts and Design
  • Painting
  • Set Design
  • Sculpture and Installations
  • Visual and Innovation Design