RUFA and iCompany: La Musica Attuale is back

A renewed format, which evolves from last year’s experience, and which allows, even more, to bring art and music closer together, generating interest and contamination.

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and iCompany give new shape and substance to the project “La Musica Attuale”, focusing on the theme “Experts and emerging artists in comparison”. The aim is to schedule a series of meetings to be held in the evocative setting of the Pastificio Cerere, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district, to strengthen the role of the musician, both as singer-songwriter and performer.

To determine who will perform, the path “LeTueCanzoni”: iCompany, for years at the forefront not only in the management of the May Day Concert, but also in the enhancement of talent, since 2018 in a completely free way, has made its experience available to bands and emerging artists, to create a community of people interested in approaching the music market in a professional way. The project has now evolved, becoming a container of wide-ranging training and scouting activities.

The live, between music and words is transformed not only into a story, but also as a point of arrival and restart of an artistic career. But there is also something else: each meeting will be linked to a very precise argument, thus giving the opportunity to understand what are the aspects related to the management of a singer or a band. For each topic of comparison, an expert will hold the ranks of the speech: from Massimo Bonelli (music market and discography) to Daniele Mignardi (communication), from Francesco Barbaro (management and booking) to Marta Venturini (production).

Saturday, February 22, starting at 6 pm, will be held the first of the appointments on the calendar with Massimo Bonelli in comparison with Matteo Cappella. Massimo Bonelli calls himself a fantasist, a producer and a music manager; in addition to having founded iCompany, he is the artistic director of the May Day Concert in Rome and, since the beginning of 2020, follows the “Number 1”, historic label founded by Mogol and now editorial line of Sony Music.

Matteo Cappella is a young singer-songwriter born in Rome in 1990. He grew up in Bellegra (Rm), where since childhood he has cultivated his great passion for music. He dabbles with the guitar from an early age, trying his hand at chords and melodies of Italian songs. In 2012, he moved to Rome, where in addition to studying at Saint Louis College of Music, he came into contact with different musical realities.

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