Open Day, on the 19/09 open doors at RUFA

The Academy presents itself through workshops, demonstrations and individual interviews

OPEN DAY 19th September 2015 time 11:00
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Everything is ready for the second edition of RUFA Open Day 2015, the day when the Academy will open its doors to the future professionals of the various artistic and design disciplines, and in general, to all curious and interested people.
The appointment is set for the 19th of September and this will be the right opportunity to get familiar with the entire academic educational offer obtaining all the useful information about the academic courses:

– First Level (BA Degree programs) : Graphic Design, Design, Cinema, Photography, Set-Design, Painting, Sculpture.
– Second Level (MA Degree programs): Multimedia Spaces Design and Technologies, Visual and Innovation Design, Computer Animation and Special Effects, Set-Design, Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Arts and Decoration.

The event will be a day of great confrontation and excitement for those who aim to invest their future in the fields of art, contemporary design disciplines and all the audio-visual sectors. The orientation day will start from 11 am at the Admiral Cinema in Piazza Verbano, where the Academy’s staff will tell about the significance of joining RUFA tribe, highlighting the educational, professional and human aspects of this choice. In the afternoon all academy’s locations, including the central one in Via Benaco 2, will become places for interchange and in-depth analysis. During the event it will be possible to attend workshops, take part in the practical demonstrations, meet the professors and to have a look at the student’s works. Furthermore, It will be possible to conduct individual interviews with the orientation office interacting directly with the professors of the varied fields of study, ( in order to sign up for an orientation interview during the Open Day, please go to the front office in Via Benaco 2).

The Open Day is dedicated to young people, families, professionals and partner companies. Interested people are invited to engage closely with an educational reality that in recent years has been recognized as one of the most innovative institution for excellence in art education, research and production.


Open Day 9th may: PHOTO | VIDEO

Via Benaco, 2 - Roma

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Featured for:

  • Cinema
  • Design
  • Photography and Audiovisual
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia Arts and Design
  • Painting
  • Set Design
  • Sculpture and Installations