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RUFA for Rome Art Week 2022

RUFA participated in the Festival Rome Art Week, now in its seventh edition, with the exhibition “Semi Veri”, a selection of the best projects by Visual Arts students. Artists: Sara Antonellis, Nonno Burro, Jan Kacper, Clarissa Secco, Carola Spina, Nadia Vallino. Curated by lecturers Emiliano Coletta and Fabrizio Pizzuto.
24-28 October 2022, Pastificio Cerere, RUFA Space (Aula A10) – Via degli Ausoni 7.


Semi Veri

An almost physical relationship with the object represented and with the representation itself, which turns to thought in a tactile manner.
The concreteness of reality is brushed against and then continually escapes towards new hypothetical shores, in a continuous “bewitching” of thought and taking it to the borderlands between the phenomenon and the noumenon. Something happens between wood and woodiness, between portraiture and the act of being portrayed, or between sculpture and its rolling up of forms, and so on in every usable contribution.
Six young artists from the RUFA three-year BA programme in Painting and Sculpture will engage using all available media in the new space on the second floor, with a selection of works that suggest forms in all directions and at the same time deny them as variants of the real world suggested by the work of artistic confrontation.
A round questioning of what is representation today and what is art fruition.

The Rome Art Week event

Rome Art Week is an annual event, spread throughout the city of Rome and totally dedicated to contemporary art, whose aim is to offer the public of enthusiasts, collectors and scholars an overview of the capital’s contemporary art offer, through hundreds of events in exhibition spaces, artists’ open studios and cultural projects that are completely free of charge, and to build a network between exhibition structures, artists and curators. A unique opportunity to give prominence to voices that want to emerge.

A varied and well-established programme, an opportunity to place Rome at the centre of today’s art scene, capable of emerging on a par with the other great European capitals, involving the city centre and periphery with events and multiple activities, encompassing as many realities as possible and permeating the spirit and soul of the city. Galleries, Foundations, Museums, Bodies and Cultural Associations, Academies, Italian and foreign Cultural Institutes and independent research spaces open their doors, proposing exhibitions, events, talks, meetings, performances, in-depth studies and extraordinary openings.

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from 24.10.2022 to 28.10.2022
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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