San Lorenzo. Studi, progetti, visioni

The CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, on the occasion of its centenary, organised an official inauguration event of the ‘Scienza e Arte a San Lorenzo’ project at the RUFA Space, in the spaces of the Pastificio Cerere at via degli Ausoni 7, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district. The meeting involved the major cultural and artistic institutions operating in the Rome district, and was streamed live on the Rai Cultura portal.

At the event, entitled ‘San Lorenzo. Studies, projects, visions’ was attended by: Maria Chiara Carrozza, President of the National Research Council, Flavio Misciattelli, President of the Pastificio Cerere, Fabio Mongelli, Director Rome University of Fine Arts, Fabrizio Rufo, Councillor for Culture and University (Municipality II). The project was introduced by Maria Eugenia Cadeddu, Researcher at the National Research Council. National Research Council; Giorgio Pacifici, Tg2 science journalist, moderated the dialogue.

The project aims to investigate and develop possible interactions between the organisation and the neighbourhood that hosts its headquarters, privileging the perspectives of dialogue between scientific thought and artistic vision, between researchers and representatives from the world of art and culture. The initiative intends to make
The initiative intends to make the CNR better known to a broad public and reaffirm the value of the research/society relationship. In this sense, the San Lorenzo district becomes an example of a broader relationship between the CNR and Italian Italian society. Various activities are planned as part of this initiative: presentation of scientific and cultural projects focused on the San Lorenzo district, scientific dissemination activities with CNR researchers and educational activities, workshops at schools, studies and research on the writings exhibited and the works of street art in the district. The proposed activities will therefore follow two directional lines: from the headquarters
Cnr Headquarters, in Piazzale Aldo Moro, towards San Lorenzo (with lectures and workshops by researchers in places the neighbourhood); from the San Lorenzo neighbourhood towards the CNR headquarters (with guided tours and study meetings in the in the organisation’s premises).

‘Scienza e Arte a San Lorenzo’ envisages several collaborations, from public institutions directly concerned with the neighbourhood – the Municipality of Rome Capital, the Municipality II – to private foundations, cultural and artistic centres, and schools in the area: a network of virtuous, participatory, inclusive relations, capable of interacting on several levels.




During the opening event on Thursday 27 April, RUFA Dean Fabio Mongelli will take the floor to introduce and tell about the RUFA research project San Lorenzo Defence, admitted to public funding under the Lazio Region’s DTC programme and which sees an Academy of Fine Arts (RUFA), two State Universities (La Sapienza and Viterbo) and a company (Sicheo) interacting for the first time in Italy in the field of research and production in the artistic sphere. A significant collaboration to pursue an action of urban and social regeneration, exploring the languages of new generations, ready to interface with the neighbourhood in an open and direct manner.


Introducing the project: Maria Eugenia Cadeddu – CNR Researcher
Moderator: Giorgio Pacifici – TG2 Science journalist

Maria Chiara Carrozza – CNR President
Flavio MisciattelliFondazione Pastificio Cerere President
Fabio Mongelli – RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts Director
Fabrizio Rufo – Councillor for Culture and Universities (Municipio II)




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