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Sirene Podcast is back – Sounds, seductions and charms of the contemporary

In April 2023, on the anniversary of SIRENE.PODCAST, in the second semester of 2022/23 school year at the Rome University of Fine Arts, RUFA will launch the Third season of the podcast: SIRENE.PODCAST – Sounds, seductions and charms of the contemporary, which will propose a new way of listening to podcasts, creating a portal to a different dimension of sound culture and its interrelations with contemporary artistic languages.

The name of the podcast – “SIRENE” – refers to two specific meanings: the siren alarms that every person in the world could relate to in this period of global pandemic and the sirens that represent the mythological figure of charm and attraction, with the sound of their mysterious voices.

Always touching on topics of great interest and cultural resonance, the students of the course in Multimedia Arts and Design (MAD – 1st and 2nd year) will curate and produce all aspects of the project with the direction and guidance of, artist historian, critic, curator and researcher of New Media Art and Sound Art, Caterina Tomeo, who also is the director and creator of the MAD program in RUFA.
The podcast will host prominent figures in the national and international scenes, and young emerging RUFA artists. It will be launched on the RUFA´s website as well as platforms like Spotify, that will spread the joie de vivre to the RUFA community and to who is into research and experimenting.
The episodes will each last about thirty minutes and they will immerse the listener in an experimental soundscape that shares art and culture. The ultimate aim will be to provide an unprecedented point of view about the person interviewed, stimulating a profound reflection on the impact of sound in art and daily life. The second season of the podcast is going to include a post-interview listening session of the invited artist’s tracks.

In the second episode, Daniele Imani and Valerio Luciani present Luca Pagan, continuing the journey of SIRENE.PODCAST with Italian artists and researchers that work in the field of sound experimentation both in Italy and abroad.

Luca Pagan (1993, Venice) is an Italian sound artist, performer and independent researcher. His performances explore the relationship between physical movement, sound and environment. His research is based on the perception of body movement with music as a means of expression and communication. His approach is based on the self-designing wearable technology, software and hardware, and the use of biotechnology to capture the expressiveness of performance with a focus on machine learning techniques.

He has collaborated with artists such as MAEID Studio, LOREM, Giorgio Sancristoforo, Umanesimo Artificiale, MiDi Motori Digitali, Giorgia Andreazza. His work has been exhibited at the Biennale di Architettura (Venice), Fundación Princesa de Asturias (Oviedo), JRC Joint Research Center (Ispra), PARC Performing Arts Research Center (Florence), Transmedia Research Institute (Fano), Zone Digitali Festival (Bergamo), RAAA Festival (Brescia), Milan Fashion Week (Milan), Wunderkammer (Ferrara), Tank Serbatoio Culturale (Bologna), Macao (Milan). His latest work “Naked Music” was published by Krisis Publishing.

“Multimedia Arts and Design” (MAD):
Coordinator: Rosalia Giuliano
Curatord: Lucrezia Mariotti, Rosalia Giuliano, Daniele Imani, Benedetta Marino, Marco Valerio Luciani, Beatrice Resta
Graphic Designer: Paolo Rucci
Sound Designer: Alessandro Battaglia

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