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Everything in Existence – Talk with Mattia Carretti

The first Talk of 2023, by coordinator Caterina Tomeo, featured Mattia Carretti, co-founder and head of general management of the firm fuse*, organization that aims to inspire and positively impact communities by harnessing the communicative power of art and the expressive potential of emerging digital technologies.

The lecture focused on the history and evolution of fuse* and an in-depth look at some of the principles underlying the studio’s modus operandi, through a description of the creative process that led to the creation of some of its most representative projects, as well as the work of technological exploration and artistic research carried out in recent years.
Multiverse, Dökk, Sàl, Luna Somnium, some of the studio’s most iconic productions were described in their complexity. Special attention was given to the peculiar blend of multidisciplinary languages and scientific references used to interpret the complexity of human and natural phenomena through the exploration of emerging technology.

Mattia Carretti
Founder of fuse* together with Luca Camellini, a graduate in Chemistry with a Master in Business Administration at MIP Politecnico di Milano to his credit, he is responsible for the general direction of the studio. Always attracted by any kind of aesthetic experience capable of moving and generating empathy with the public, he encourages the search for new forms and new languages that can suggest unprecedented points of view and offer people the chance to observe reality with “less sleepy eyes.”
Founded in 2007, fuse* is a multidisciplinary art studio that investigates the expressive possibilities of digital technologies with the aim of interpreting the complexity of human, social and natural phenomena. Since its inception, the studio’s research has focused on multimedia installations and performances, produced with the aim of exploring the boundaries between different disciplines in search of new connections between light, space, sound and movement.

Headed by founders Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti, the studio has evolved over the years and now approaches the creation of new projects with an increasingly holistic approach, relying on a modus operandi that values pure experimentation and collective creativity. The intent is to create works that can inspire, suspend the ordinary and stimulate thought, sensitivity and imagination.
fuse* has always linked its development to that of the community in which it operates by supporting, promoting and devising projects aimed at spreading culture and knowledge. With this in mind, it has been co-producing the electronic music and digital arts festival NODE since 2016.
Over the years, fuse* has presented its works and productions internationally in art institutions and festivals including Mutek, TodaysArt, Sónart, Artechouse, STRP Biennial, RomaEuropa, Kikk, Scopitone, and the National Center for the Performing Arts of China.

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