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The participated video – Talk with Manfredi Marchetti

The ‘participated’ video: a professional field of video applied to social work with the active participation of those who live or suffer that context.
The RUFA Talk featured Manfredi Marchetti, head of a film production company engaged in the production of social and experimental documentaries.

Talks are open to all RUFA students and take place in Aula Magna, via Taro 14. To register log in to the RUFA Career System with your credentials, select Workshop & Talks from the menu, and click on the event title.

The Talk consisted in the viewing of different materials and audiovisual products produced through the technique of video participation, sharing with the students direct experiences and different methodologies developed and tested in community contexts with total hardship and institutions such as juvenile prisons, Rom camps, suburbs with high social hardship, and unaccompanied minor immigrants to create a constructive and participatory debate among the students.
The aim is to develop a participatory workshop through the audiovisual medium where participants are actively involved in the realisation of a process, where they freely experiment with film technique and language to tell and analyse their own social context and re-elaborate their own experience.
The product is the result of an articulated pathway that starts with the creation of semi-structured methodologies that take into account the context of social marginality and the people who are part of it, in which participants acquire new tools at a technical and linguistic level aimed at reflection and analysis on the critical aspects of their own experience.

Who is Manfredi Marchetti?

Born in Rome in 1969 where he lives and works. He attended the Roberto Rossellini School of Cinema and Television where he currently teaches.
He is the owner of a film production company, through which he produces, in addition to music videos and advertising products, several social documentaries and experimental documentaries, which have won awards at various film festivals.
He then worked through participatory video documentary with the Ethiopian and Eritrean community living in Rome in collaboration with Andrea Segre for Aamod (Archivio audiovisivo del movimento operaio). For ten years, he was the contact person for the participatory video workshop in socially marginalised contexts for Save the Children at CivicoZero, the various audiovisual products realised were awarded at several film festivals. Among them:
– Selection at the 1st Kurdish Film Festival in Rome and Migrant Mention at the Visioni Fuori Festival
– Raccordo of the documentary “Il giardino di Ararat” on the Kurdish community in Rome.
– Special Mention at the Festival Contest 2014 of the participatory short documentary “Un core dentro stazione Termini” by Samuel Cirpaci, minor of Romanian origin.
– SpecialMention at the Mutti-AMM Awards e 1° Prize at the AS Festival of the short documentary “La polvere di Kabul” by Morteza Khaleghi, minor of African origin.
– 1° Prize at the Festival Contest and Special Mention at the Festival Cine Detour of the participatory short documentary “Acqua che va non torna” by Al Mamun, minor of Bengali origin.
– TV broadcast on Rai3 in the episode of “Blob” of 4 April 2016 of the participatory short documentary “Rumori – la strada dei morti” realised with the creation of a video device and the involvement of several Egyptian minors on the theme of travel.
– Special Mention at the Festival “Piccola Scena Digitale” organised by Roma Capitale of the short documentary participated in “Out of time” made by Akram of Bengali origin and screened at the Casa del Cinema in Rome.


Participation in all the Talks planned for the current academic year will allow the acquisition of 1 Credit. Attendance at the Talk justifies absence from any classes held at the same time.


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