Magazine, such passion! – Talk with Stefano Cipolla


The new RUFA Talk featured graphic designer, journalist and lecturer Stefano Cipolla, who introduced students to the world of magazines through an analysis of the weekly magazine L’Espresso, of which he is art director.
Cipolla will tell what an editorial staff is and how its members work, how a magazine is made, from the composition of the helm to its practical realisation. All the way to printing and distribution.


Magazine, such passion!

How many times have we heard that paper is finished? That nobody reads newspapers any more?
It is actually a golden age for magazines. Independent Italian and international publications are increasingly conquering the publishing scene thanks to their high-quality graphic designs and their now worldwide distribution. At the same time, the big magazines are our link to reality: they observe facts, tell them and give us the tools to interpret them.
Starting from his personal experience as art director of L’Espresso, Stefano Cipolla will recount almost seventy years of Italian society through the covers of the weekly magazine. He will then explain how editorial offices work and what the creative director’s job is.
Finally, a look at international magazines: ideas fly around and end up on the covers of newspapers all over the world. Three hours of images, graphics and journalism.

Stefano Cipolla

Graphic designer and journalist. Always in the world of newspapers, he has worked for the daily newspaper La Repubblica, dealing with the design of sections and special projects of the newspaper (La Domenica di Repubblica, R2, libri di Repubblica) and two graphic restyling (2007 and 2014). Since February 2018 he has been Art director of the weekly L’Espresso. Lecturer at the Urbino School of Journalism, Mimaster in Milan and Teacher Domestika.

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