SI/LENZIO – Talk with fashion designer Sylvio Giardina

The new RUFA Talk session began. The first appointment was on Wednesday 22 November 2023 with fashion designer Sylvio Giardina.
The meeting was held in the Aula Magna (G13) at the Campus in Via Libetta 7.

The Talks are open to all RUFA students. To register, log on to RUFA Career System with your credentials, select “Surveys” from the menu, and click on the event: ‘SI/LENZIO’.
>> Registration for the TALK will be possible from Tuesday 14 November 2023.

Sylvio Giardina shared with RUFA students the genesis of his multimedia performance “SI/LENZIO”, on a truly unique occasion..
With his latest project, Sylvio Giardina questions the expressive modes of fashion creation, which frees itself from the times, modes and superstructures of the system.
A collection of haute couture dresses can be evoked by an artistic project, which defines signs, traces and colours of dresses to come, through the feelings we have experienced. The haute couture dimension is thus, for the author, a free space for reflection, where sartorial design becomes the starting point for his own artistic research. A theory, his, that becomes a demonstration of how travel, intercontinental travel and a strongly capitalist tendency of the fashion system could be rethought through new paradigms of creativity.
The talk is curated by Silvia Vacirca, fashion historian and RUFA lecturer on the course of Sustainable Fashion Design.


Sylvio Giardina

Born in Paris with Sicilian origins, after completing his studies at the Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome, he started working at the Fernanda Gattinoni fashion house, where he learnt the steps involved in designing and creating an Haute Couture collection.
He was one of the founders of the Grimaldi Giardina brand, and after 12 years started a new adventure with the ‘sylvio giardina’ brand.
Tailoring, tradition, innovation, continuous and multifaceted research and experimentation, a line strategy in which material elements – textures, constructions and decorations – merge, blend and overlap. This is the foundation of the brand, which gives life to a dialogue and open communication with the visual arts, another leitmotiv imprinted in the brand’s collections.

Addressed to: all students and particularly recommended to Sustainable Fashion Design students
Duration: h 16 – 18
Date of performance: Wednesday 22 November 2023
Venue: Aula Magna (G13) – Libetta

Participation at all Talks (none excluded) scheduled for the current academic year will allow the acquisition of 1 credit. Attendance at the Talk justifies absence from any classes taking place at the same time.


Via Libetta 7

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