The Collage Therapy

How collage can help you deal with big emotions.
An exhibition on vulnerability and contemporary collage

Authors: Ada Lago, Ahmet Murat Alper, Aybike Nur Dulger, Barbara Namie, Bekysfairy, Benedetta Bartolucci, Dissolvve, Giulia Cerioli, Haley Hendrick, Jake Kennedy, João Queieros, kkmakesart, Leonie Peuker, Marko Köppe, Marta Murgia, Martina Pinotti, Matthieu Bourel, Mya Naguit, Nereidgalatea, Rick Wessels, Sjoerd Van Schagen, Smalldweeb, The Scissorhands.
Curated by Martina Pinotti, Visual and Innovation design student.

December 20-23, 2022, RUFA Space, Pastificio Cerere, Via degli Ausoni 7.

The Collage Therapy is a collective of international collage artists whose aim is to show how collage is a perfect technique to help deal with big emotions. In this exhibition you can take a journey into your own vulnerability by observing how the artists process theirs.

All the authors are of different nationalities and ages, the only thing they share is a love for art and the use of collage as a vehicle to tell their story, give voice to their soul and spread awareness about this technique.
Collage allows the individual to communicate the whole world of emotions hidden inside, giving it a visible voice and giving them the opportunity to arrive at a new awareness of themselves, and to do this all they need to do is leaf through a magazine and some newspaper clippings.

Artists are asked to be brutally honest and to select the works that lay them most bare and best tell their story.
It will be possible to observe how different people give voice to their emotions in a unique way and how they influence the style of their work. Collage is beautiful because it is free, has no constraints on expression and is based on pure emotion, and through it we can discover the wonder of seeing how certain traumatic experiences can be transformed into something beautiful and reach the hearts of people who probably feel just like us.

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