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The Power of Type – Talk with Riccardo De Franceschi

New Academy Talk: ‘The Power of Type’ with guest Riccardo De Franceschi, Creative Director at the Dalton Maag (UK) agency.
Curated by Agnese Angelini, RUFA lecturer of Graphic Design.
Appointment on Wednesday 17 April 2024 at 16.00 in the Aula Magna (G13) at the headquarters in Via Giuseppe Libetta, 7.

The Talks are open to all RUFA students. To register, log on to RUFA Career System with your credentials.
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>>The registration is possible from Tuesday 9 April 2024.

During the meeting, Riccardo De Franceschi, Creative Director of Dalton Maag in London, will examine how typefaces can make a difference in visual communication if chosen, used and developed appropriately.
He will do so by discussing the themes of typographic expression, accessibility, technology and global communication, through in-depth studies dedicated to selected projects – both retail and custom.

Riccardo De Franceschi

Riccardo De Franceschi is a designer from Milan. His love of literature brought him to England, where he studied at the University of Reading. He is the
creative director at the London-based typeface design studio Dalton Maag. Riccardo and the team work closely with brands such as Netflix and Ducati, helping them solve typographic challenges by creating high-quality typefaces and logos. He has a soft spot for the expressive alphabets used in our public space.


Dalton Maag is one of the most established independent type design studios, with offices in London, UK and São Paulo, Brazil. An international team of 40 type designers, font developers, creative directors, software engineers and support staff, spanning 20 nationalities and speaking 12 languages. For over 25 years, their portfolio has been filled with clients such as AT&T, Netflix, BBC, Amazon, McDonald’s, Nokia, BMW, DeviantArt, Intel, Vodafone, Ubuntu and Toyota Rio 2016, Google, Airbnb and BBC, and complete with finely crafted typefaces. Every typeface they design undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure the highest standards. This dedication to quality has resulted in a portfolio of award-winning, one-of-a-kind library fonts. The studio works with international brands, and brings distinction to logos, character to texts and clarity to communications in over 100 languages.
Find out more on DALTON MAAG – Studio
Addressed to: all students and particularly recommended for Graphic Design, Visual Innovation Design, Multimedia Design.
Duration: h 16.00 – 19.00
Date: mercoledì 17 aprile 2024
Location: Aula Magna (G13) – Via Giuseppe Libetta, 7

The participation in all Talks (none excluded) scheduled for the current academic year will allow the acquisition of 1 credit. Attendance at the Talk justifies absence from any lectures taking place at the same time.


Via G. Libetta, 7