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Exhibition of Visual and Innovation Design students: Lorenzo Bernardi, Giorgia D’Alessandro, Gaia Formigari, Francesco Paolo Incantalupo, Matilde Mion, Caroline Vikanes Moschin, Adriana Pagano, Mateo Proietti, Bianca Ricci, Serena Tobaldo, Beatrice Vio-Genova and the photographer and videomaker Guido Leon Salerno Aletta.
Visual design by: Gaia Formigari, Bianca Ricci, Beatrice Vio-Genova.
Under the coordination of lecturers Emanuele Cappelli and Mario Rullo.

10-13 October 2023 – RUFA Space, Pastificio Cerere, Via degli Ausoni 7/A

Tracks of Freedom is the international workshop promoted by RUFA in collaboration with SVA_School of Visual Arts of New York, which since 2018 offers an exceptional experience for students of the Master’s degree in Visual and Innovation Design.
Ten days immersed in the world of Communication Design including talks, studio visits, social and cultural insights of extraordinary value, with the opportunity to visit Pentagram, New York Times, Herb Lubalin Center, MoMA, Whitney Museum, Accurat, Yohoho and to dialogue with great interpreters of the world of culture in New York such as Emily Oberman, Paola Antonelli, Sasha Tochilovsky, Gail Anderson, Matteo Bologna, Lorenzo Fanton, Emiliano Ponzi.

In the 2023 edition, the theme of the workshop is entitled Urban Synesthesia, a search for new sensory intersections in the endless open-air laboratory of New York. The young designers searched for new design and artistic approaches, capable of fusing the visual with other experiences and expressions, in an endless game of cross-references.

The projects interpreted the theme of ‘freedom’ to represent the electrifying dynamism, symbolic and creative power of New York, using all the techniques and languages of contemporary communication: brand identity, advertising, unconventional, motion graphics, interaction and multimedia design, photography and video.

The twelve students, led by lecturers and designers Mario Rullo and Emanuele Cappelli, and accompanied by Director Fabio Mongelli, developed innovative and multidisciplinary projects, able to return all the extraordinary stimuli received in the US ‘full immersion’.

This exhibition presents the most significant works produced in New York and presented by the students in the presence of major international designers such as Steven Heller, Lita Talarico, and Louise Fili, conveying the creative energy that each of the students was able to express in the Big Apple.

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from 10.10.2023 to 13.10.2023
Via degli Ausoni 7

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