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Exhibition of Painting: Sergio Gagliardo and Ninni Dei (Ginevra Miccaddei). Curated by Beatrice Levorato. RUFA Space, from 11 to 18 October 2021.

The work of Sergio Gagliardo and Ninni Dei blend together in an exhibition that recounts the cult of the body. Curated by Beatrice Levorato, the artists narrate profanity, libido and love. Linking the works is a strongly erotic component, accompanied by a subtle irony. Carnal and provocative works that take responsibility for adorning themselves with humanity: Frameworks that recount personal, even uncomfortable realities.

The exhibition deals with the theme of the flesh in its cultual value, ranging from the great artistic tradition to the hidden meanderings of the new trends of the web. In these works, the vision of the naked body takes on a double meaning: the lascivious sense of sexual transgression and eroticism is contrasted with a historical-mystical vision, a sort of spiritual reunion with a pantheistic sacredness that looks to an ancient sense of the divine.

In this exhibition, the theme of the body is analysed with pride, illuminated by a hint of the antique and the new that mixes and blends between carnal pleasure and underlying reprehensible condemnation.

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from 11.10.2021 to 18.10.2021
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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