Zerocalcare back in RUFA

Zerocalcare – the exhibition at MAXXI has just ended, after almost 5 months of success of the public and critics – meets the students of RUFA for a direct and close discussion. The dialogue will focus on the themes of the exhibition, the messages it has launched, the artistic, political and personal choices that have led him to be one of the leading names in the contemporary comics scene.

The artist will be a guest speaker at the “Storia della stampa e dell’editoria” lecture of the Comics and Illustration course. The lectio will take place in the Aula Magna, via Taro, on Friday 12 April at 11 a.m. Given the limited number of places available, reservations are required.


Tg3 News: Zerocalcare e la Diaz / Zerocalcare e il G8 2001-11: “A.F.A.B.” / Zerocalcare: “Genova. Non. È . Finita.
For those who want to avoid asking the obvious questions find the answers to the FAQ in this vintage videochat

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