Graphic Design


Guido Lombardo


Barbara Notaro, Alessia Zappitelli



The project

1909 is a brand for teenagers, music, sport and art lovers, always in search for updates and in step with fashion. 1909 offers a wide selection of clothes, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks and jackets designed by two designers who are willing to promote the district of San Lorenzo. Each piece of clothing draws inspiration from monuments, graffiti, records and symbols of the district from a graphic perspective. Made in soft and comfortable fabrics, they are fine for every season and accessible to all. In ancient Rome, upper class neighborhoods had their own coats of arms to identify their district. San Lorenzo, being a working-class district, never had its own coat of arms. Thus, our brand payed tribute to the district by offering it its long-awaited coat of arms.