Comics and Illustration


Guido Lombardo


Milena Felici, Alessia Montedoro, Maria Rosa Nenna, Giordana Rimedio



The project

“Fandado” is an Esperanto word – a language created to be understood by all – and means ‘Fusion.’ With Fandado, we wanted to tell a San Lorenzo district slightly different than the one we are used to see, through the hybridazation of the illustrations created by four different artists and that – when put together – make an image of a new San Lorenzo. As much as Esperanto, those who already know the district will recognize some familiar elements, while who doesn’t know it can just let themselves be guided by what they see. Fandado is a great mosaic of illustrations where the single drawings function as a universal visual alphabet that tells a district. San Lorenzo is a hybrid district, full of colours and nuances opposed to each other. We wanted to recreate this idea with an image, a conceptual postcard of the district, and thus this project was created: a puzzle created from our personal view of San Lorenzo. We played with photographs, shapes, ideas, myths, histories and places all connected by recurrent colours from a palette designed for the project that recalls the colour scheme of the paintings of the facade of the Basilica di San Lorenzo.