Graphic Design


Guido Lombardo


Beatrice Greco, Isabella Immediato



The project

Sslò – acronym for Shop San Lorenzo – is the first streetwear brand completely dedicated to the Roman district of San Lorenzo. Sslò celebrates the art and beauty of the district that are usually ignored and values every and each perimeter. In order to realize the products, we explored the district widely, taking pictures of what captured our attention. We lingered not only over the wide-angle view, the collective view of the place, but we also tried to get closer and look for textures, surfaces and peculiar traces that only an attentive eye can detect. We drew inspiration from the Japanese notion of Wabisabi, where beauty is intimately intertwined with imperfection and impermanence. Thus we re-imagined the photographic materials shot in San Lorenzo by creating textures and patterns and then applying them on sweatshirts, t-shirts, watches and covers.