RUFA students protagonists at the May 1st concert

“Work in progress”, or to use more academic terminology, in itinere training. The May 1st concert was not only a celebration of music and colors, against the background of the problems related to work, but it was also an opportunity to understand how fascinating and exciting the dynamics related to professionalism and skills can be. Thanks to the successful synergy between the Rome University of Fine Arts and the “iCompany” group, which manages the organizational and artistic flow of the entire event, the “concertone” has been transformed into a sort of didactic and multimedia classroom, with a task force of RUFA students ready to put into practice the lessons learned in their respective degree courses.
Alessandra Altieri, Nadezhda Aksenova, Giada Cicchetti, Martina Coralli, Eduardo De Matteis, Mattia Lucia De Nittis, Anna Di Paola, Vanessa Fedele, Marta Ferro, Giuseppe Funnone all took part in this course, Andrea Iosa, Cristina Lubas, Nicolò Marano, Manuel Mejia, Miriam Mostile, Andrea Mattia Palmieri, Elisa Petrelli, Emanuele Ricci, Claudia Rolando, Pietro Santovetti, Alessio Spigola, Domenico Natale Zangaro.
In the complex scenographic installation were welcomed the “visual effects” projected on the ledwall and designed by the students directed by Pietro Ciccotti. Their work was fundamental to ensure a high level of emotional involvement, even for those who assisted from the most distant areas of the stage.
The RUFA film students, led by Christian Angeli, filmed an 8-minute “behind the scenes” that recounts the various phases of the event: a docu-film to fix in time the energy of a unique square.
And finally, under the guidance of Alessandro Carpentieri, the RUFA students took an infinite number of photographs to highlight not only what happened between the scenes, but also “on the stage”, between expressions and sensations that only the lens can fix. The experience was made possible thanks to the precious support of Roberto Malfatto, set designer and visiting professor at RUFA, who did not hesitate for a moment to involve the students.
Training in itinere because a part of this commitment can be seen only in the coming days, regenerating the memory of a unique emotion lived in the square of San Giovanni in Laterano, between history and hope.

Concertone Primo Maggio 2018