RUFA students protagonists at the May 1st concert

What could be the feelings of those who until last year helped to fill one of the most evocative squares of Rome and now suddenly find themselves on the opposite bank, so that their work and commitment contribute to generate new emotions and turn into unforgettable an event that, in continuity, is renewed from edition to edition? The May 1st concert, which will take place in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, in the heart of the Capital, includes a special and highly motivated task force: a group of RUFA students, coordinated by a triumvirate of teachers, will support the organization of what, by the precise will of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, remains “the largest free live music event in Italy”. Born in 1990, the “concertone”, to use a terminology that is linked to the first editions, wants to be a musical marathon and a television program aimed not only at the cultural aspect soaked in the music itself, but also at the social contents. In order to do this, the contemporaneity of the language must reach very high levels, linking to the technological and communication aspects that are at the basis of the training processes proposed by the Rome University of Fine Arts. To achieve this goal, the Academy has signed a partnership agreement with the “iCompany” group that manages the organizational and artistic flow of the entire festival.
Starting from this scenario, the “visual effects” that will design the students directed by Pietro Ciccotti will find “accommodation” in the complex scenographic structure. The May Day concert needs to be diffused not only from the acoustic point of view, but also from the visual one. A large part of the audience will not be able to get under the stage, but the emotional involvement, even for those who watch from the most distant areas, must be maximum. In this process the use of LED walls becomes fundamental. The content that will accompany the flow of the notes, will therefore allow the visual side to act synergistically with the music and words.
The Rufa students of cinema, guided by Christian Angeli, will shoot an 8-minute “behind the scenes” that will tell the various phases that precede the May Day event and, of course, the big day of the concert. Their gaze will give importance to the work supported by all those who, in an often invisible way, make this event concrete and exciting, in the knowledge that no star on stage will ever be able to give the maximum without the contribution of these silent workers.
No less demanding the task of those enrolled in photography courses. Under the wise guidance of Alessandro Carpentieri it will be their task to preserve in time, through the eternity of images, what happens not only between the wings, but also “on the stage”, collecting the expressions, expectations, hopes of those who live May Day in its essence.
A triple “Rufa – experience” that will serve as a future reference model to enter into the management, programmatic and artistic perspective of a complex event such as May Day. “An activity – underlines the RUFA director, Fabio Mongelli – that declines the claim proposed by the organizers to describe the course of the concert: transversality, courage and madness. The Rufa students, directed by three teachers of great depth, will put in the field not only skills and willingness to do, but will be in a position to self-determine, to influence the flow of organization, to reason and take unexplored paths, if necessary, with the sole aim of showing themselves through their art”.

Students: Alessandra Altieri, Nadezhda Aksenova, Giada Cicchetti, Martina Coralli, Eduardo De Matteis, Mattia Lucia De Nittis, Anna Di Paola, Vanessa Fedele, Marta Ferro, Giuseppe Funnone, Andrea Iosa, Cristina Lubas, Nicolò Marano, Manuel Mejia, Miriam Mostile, Andrea Mattia Palmieri, Elisa Petrelli, Emanuele Ricci, Claudia Rolando, Pietro Santovetti, Alessio Spigola, Domenico Natale Zangaro.