Rufa and iCompany: protagonists at the Primo Maggio concert

Not a simple square, but a place where history, faith and protest follow each other non-stop, generating emotions and contrasts. San Giovanni in Laterano is a sort of symbol for the monumental aspect of one of the most beautiful and suggestive basilicas in Rome and for the protests and mobilizations. Between these two extremes, as if they were physical boundaries and not just ideological, there will be the Primo Maggio concert.

RUFA students will support the organization of what, by the precise will of the Cgil, Cisl and Uil, remains “the largest free live music event in Italy”. Born in 1990, the “concertone” is a musical marathon programmed to spread important social values: the dignity of work, equality, freedom, no to racism and exploitation. For year the stage, big and magnificent like few others in the world, is a dispenser of energy and passion, able to reach the younger generations in a clear and direct way.

The contemporaneity of language is fundamental. On this basis, also for 2019, a partnership agreement was signed between the Rome University of Fine Arts and iCompany, which manages the organizational and artistic flow of the entire event. The scenic graphics that will be projected to wrap the notes on stage will be designed by the RUFA students of the Graphic and Visual design courses, coordinated by the architect and set designer Roberto Malfatto. The RUFA students of the Photography and Cinema courses will document the entire concert from the setting up to the closing, to tell what happens not only in the backstage, but also “on the stage”. The RUFA students will collect the expressions, expectations, hopes of those who live the Primo Maggio in its essence. A triple “Rufa – experience”, to put into practice skills and desire to do.

Graphic and Visual Design students
Aurora Achille, Benedetta Colonna, Francesco Floris, Ina Jung, Andrea Mattia Palmeri, Marina Picari, Luca Santarelli, Pietro Santovetti, Alessio Spigola, Ludovica Testa.

Photography and Cinema students
Martina Acanfora, Angelo De Marchis, Alessia Mugnari, Andrea Napolitano, Federica Pace, Francesca Santoro, Michele Venezia.