RUFA participates in the World Day against Violence of Women

The World Day against Violence of Women was established on December 17, 1999 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Since then, it has been the most important time of the year to speak out, inform and raise awareness about this serious problem which unfortunately affects all countries of the world.

On the basis of this assumption, in anticipation of the anniversary which is celebrated on November 25th, a very interesting event was held in Rome at the Tor di Nona Theater, historical cultural agora of the capital that was, among other things, home of Luigi Pirandello. The choice of the “location” was not accidental. In this charming corner of Rome, last year, the governor Nicola Zingaretti, with the regional councillor Michele Baldi, promoter of the initiative, inaugurated the so-called “Wall of dolls”: a symbolic work against feminicide, still visible today, placed at the headquarters of the Ater of Rome. The installation takes up an ancient Indian tradition: every time a woman suffers violence a doll is affixed on a door of the community. The wall, from this point of view, is a warning to reflect, able to attract even the most distracted passer-by.

The Rome University of Fine Arts could not miss it. RUFA, in fact, is not only an Academy that addresses the profession and career, but it is also a place for sharing experiences that must prepare for life. The objective is to confront students with virtuous examples, in the belief that the transmission of positive models can be considered a learning element, as well as the courses attended daily. In this scenario RUFA, over the next months, will organize projects and events related to the theme of feminicide.

Many personalities have assured their participation: starting from the singer and fashion expert Jo Squillo who has realized the “wall of dolls” also in Milan and other Italian cities. To mention also the friendly presence of the actress Fioretta Mari and the journalist Francesca Carollo.